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Join us as we build global community that models oneness as a new way of being.  

Our Joy is Selfless Service

We recognize that there is no issue more important or compelling than that of ensuring a sustainable world for future generations. Our clear calling is to provide this highest service to humanity and to foster the level of cohesion that occurs when all are working together as one. Imagine a vastly different way of living in communities that are built on the foundation of oneness where all beings are honored and valued not only for their unique contribution to society but for their wisdom and ability to connect into an earth grid of consciousness that rejuvenates and revitalizes the whole. Join us. Learn more.

We are visionaries who are aligned in oneness for ushering
in a new era of humanity.

We first work in the quantum field to infuse high frequencies of light into the planetary grid. Then we create structures in specific locations to hold a high vibration.  Some of the preliminary work, which can go on for years, is preparing an area by clearing and transmuting dense energies; balancing and stabilizing an entire region; and infusing energies which will support the earth grid as a whole. Once that has been achieved, the work of creating physical structure begins.

We are Building Community as Centers of Light that Model Oneness.

We are Guided by the Star Elders, the Kingdoms of Nature and the Wisdom of the Indigenous.

Receive Guidance from the Star EldersWe deeply listen as we are guided to take the most immediate next step. 

We embrace all realms and embody light.

We honor the ancient wisdom traditions of the Indigenous.

Our Impact Awakens Consciousness, Amplifies Light
and Transforms Whole Systems

We work together, all as one, to remember who we are and to embody light.

We are amplifying the planetary grid of   consciousness as we open star gates.

We champion the innovators and solutions that honor all.

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Is Global Activation, Gridwork, and Creating Light Centers yours to do? Signup and receive continued energetic support. Stay current with all the work of the 32 Centers project!

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New to the Grid Activation process? Want to know more about what constitutes a Light Center? Get involved by becoming a Member to expand your conceptual framework and become conversant in the terminology of the New Earth activation sequences - and join us at an event or retreat!

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