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New Mexico Light Gathering: Featuring the Healing Benefits of Full Spectrum Water and Zero Point Energy Technologies

  • Fri, August 02, 2019
  • Wed, August 07, 2019
  • 2 sessions
  • Fri, August 02, 2019, 10:00 AM (EDT) Mon, August 05, 2019, 2:00 PM (EDT)
  • Mon, August 05, 2019, 2:00 PM (EDT) Wed, August 07, 2019, 2:00 PM (EDT)
  • Eagle Nest, New Mexico
  • 196


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Attend the New Mexico Light Center event featuring the Water Technology of Randy Hatton. Immerse yourself in community as we model the new earth frequencies, learn and experience the water technologies, integrate into the new earth grid; includes two days of individual sessions, ceremony and vision quest.
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Join us in anchoring of the New Mexico Global Light Center: Learn and experience the healing benefits of Full Spectrum Water and Zero Point Energy Technologies

Learn and experience oneness practices and leading edge zero point technologies for personal, environmental and global transformation.

~ Model Oneness in community and amplify the field through pure intention 

~ Collectively hold and amplify the zero point for growing a plasma field for balancing and stabilizing the human energy system

~ Learn how the power of water shifts the body

~ Experience transformational healing modalities

~ Receive healing sessions under the water vortex

~ Gain insights into the heart as a zero point energy generator

~ All as one practices for raising your vibration

Learn about the Power of Water to Transform

Randy Hatton's passion is working with water, integrating ancient wisdom with advanced earth-based technologies to optimize its natural vitality. He is a steward who brings in information, bridging the world of science and spirituality, thus supporting us to raise our consciousness and connection to the Spirit of water. His goal is to support all life that depends on clean healthy water to thrive and assisting Gaia in her transformation.  

Over the past 19 years, Randy has studied the properties of water, principles of sacred geometry, and the effects of frequency-induced technologies.  He discovered that the combination Vortex or toroidal motion, magnetism, sound frequencies, light spectrums, Radionics/scalar waves, rare earth elements, cosmic energy tools, along with intentions of love and respect to water, we can transform all water, to its pristine state. 

Lecture: “Full Spectrum Water, The Mother of all Life”

Bridging the world of science and spirituality of water, the giver of life, the mother of all life, a medium for miraculous transformation. How we can transform the water within our body and the Earth waterways using several different tools and systems so that all souls can enjoy healthy, clean, vibrant water now and for generations to come. We will discuss effective methods to revitalize the oceans, rivers lakes and the water we drink and bathe in.

Randy’s story of why he quit a successful career on the ocean 19 years ago to dedicate his life to his passion of supporting the waterways of the planet; listening to his call and inspired by two Shaman and guided by our star brothers and sisters. 

Together with shared intentions of love and respect to the spirit and substance of water we will change our relationship with water and the Earth. ~Randy Hatton


Thursday, August 1: Arrivals / Settling In
Friday, August 2
Community Sacred Circle Sessions, Facilitated by Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson

Saturday, August 3: Community Sacred Circle, Modeling Oneness
Evening Session: Carol / About the 32 GLC Mission

Sunday, August 4: Randy Hatton "Full Spectrum Water, The Mother of all Life"

Monday, August 5: Randy Hatton, experiencing the Water Technology
Blessing Circle

Tuesday, August 6: Vision Quest, Walk the Land, Individual Session Shares

Wednesday, August 7: Integration, Experiencing the Water, Individual Share

Fee: $625
Early Bird Rate: $555 if registered before July 6.

NOTE: Registration covers event fee, mid-day meals, and snacks.

Lodging is on your own.

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