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32 Centers of Light 


We work collaboratively with others who are aligned with our global mission for ushering in a new paradigm of sustainable living as we roll out simple, yet powerful advanced human technologies into every major social sector, and model these same teachings in the form of new communities—Centers focused on enhanced health and well-being and sustainable living.

Stakeholders and Technologies

Basic heart-centered teachings and sound healing practices form the foundation for introducing others to cutting edge concepts, ideas, and experiences that help them realize enhanced states of health and wellbeing. The heart of the Centers is to offer holistic approaches to living that shift global consciousness away from feeling separate and disconnected to a feeling of interconnectedness that will sustain all of us. 

The alignment and resonance between the human electromagnetic frequencies and those of the earth is required in order to stabilize so that humanity can continue to sustain human life, while simultaneously ensuring that the human body is capable of adapting to the higher frequencies of the earth’s changing eco-sphere will be influenced by in the near future (see section: Connections Between Human, Healing, and Green Technologies). 

Objectives & Components

The objectives of the Centers, including the process by which they are brought into physical reality, are inextricably linked. That is, the process by which they are brought into physical reality models life in the new paradigm of oneness. Therefore, the interdependent, dynamic objectives for the Centers and the process by which they are brought into physical reality are to: Bring the latest human and healing, green and break-through technologies into operation on a leveraged, global scale. Our objectives include:

  • Balance and stabilize the earth’s electromagnetic fields. 
  • Prepare the human body to adapt to the higher frequencies of the earth, 
  • Provide safe havens for rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit and living in the pristine conditions of a self-contained biospheric new paradigm community. 
  • Educate and support the fostering and creation of new paradigm communities. 
  • Serve as a central hub, support system, and resource, of new paradigm communities. 

We will accomplish these objectives by leveraging three main technologies— human, healing and green technologies—all focused on the same purpose. The evolution of consciousness occurs when they are all working interdependently toward the same end. We will leverage existing and new strategic alliances with healing and green technology innovators to incorporate the latest technologies into the building and operations of the GLCs. 

Components of the Centers

The Centers are built in energetically potent locations and amplify a particular frequency signature that, when continually amplified, enlivens the unified field. The continual and dynamic amplification of the field causes subtle yet powerful global shifts. While the human technologists provide the amplification of the energetic grid, the physical structures are built using sacred geometric principles to support health and wellbeing, growing food in pristine environments, and for regenerating the human body to restore or enhance health and wellbeing. Residential retreat centers offer food and lodging services.  Facilities for short- and long-term residence provide for lodging of technologists and innovators, educational program, health and wellness, conference, art and cultural center, and symposia participants. Eco-villages support the growing communities that spring up around the Centers.

The Centers also serve as beacons for modeling how leading edge break-through technologies transform life on the planet and also serve as the center, the heart, of life in the surrounding communities that will spring up as a result of the growth spawned by Center activities. 

The Centers use renewable resources while providing people the opportunity to fully integrate the best of our human values while working to transcend what is no longer serving us. This approach causes us to change the way we think about community—as separate enclaves— and calls us to see ourselves as part of the same whole. Therefore, the Centers will spawn new communities that will carry us into the next century. 

Our implementation plan models one Center but is part of a larger plan to leverage global resources to build a series of Centers in key locations around the world. The first question is not, “What do we want to put in the Centers?” It is, “How do we want to live?” It is the answer to how we want to live that will drive what goes into the design, construction, and operations of the Centers. Components of a Center include: 

  • Residential retreat centers 
  • Self-sustaining eco-villages 
  • Conference and meeting space
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Agricultural and onsite food production farming
  • Water purification and treatment facilities
  • Air purification and recirculation systems for enclosed spaces
  • Electricity generation plants

We recognize the need for all stakeholders—visionary leaders, world servers, and innovators—that have a stake in the embodiment of oneness to co-create fully sustainable community environments. We are forming strategic alliances and collaborations with others engaged in humanitarian, environmental, ecological and health enhancement innovation to grow oneness focused solutions in communities that will sustain us well beyond the 31st century.

The work of the Centers addresses the optimum living needs for current and future generations. The human and healing technologies provide the heart of the program offerings. Green and break-through technologies engage synergistic solutions that enable global sustainability, ecological recovery, and human prosperity. A combination of proven and experiential technologies are to be explored and utilized in the construction of the Centers.

As we move forward, we will engage key stakeholders, and work together to integrate the following technologies to build the Centers (see the implementation plan for a more detailed list).

  • Synergy visioning and meditation for strengthening co-creative higher realm alliances and  transforming density 
  • Visioning and peace councils
  • Body, mind and spirit practices for the infusion of pure source light as the primary nutrient/food to align body, mind, and soul to the unified Self, supported by mindful lifestyle choices 
  • Health and wellbeing modalities
  • Educational programs (all ages)
  • Active stewardship of and education about the earth and all her kingdoms
  • Earth sciences, sacred geometry and manifestation: partnering with the new elementals and devas to master pure photonic particle dominion for the building of new paradigm structure within a Oneness domain, with focus upon the support of earth’s mission and the evolutionary pioneers she nourishes
  • Green technologies training 
  • Knowledge preservation and access, education, media
  • Integration and dissemination of the wisdom of Indigenous cultures
  • Stargate, ley line, earth activation, and grid service instruction
  • Research and development, all areas

  • Health and longevity (e.g. Immune Matrix programs)
  • Disease eradication (e.g. frequency technologies, microbial digestive balance, immune system restoration, DNA and regenerative repair, ancient, indigenous, and herbal remedies, etc.
  • Holistic technology based and alternative medicine approaches to health and well being
  • Integration of various clinically effective cultural paradigms of health and illness 
  • Beyond rescuing: being the power of forgiveness and compassion to stimulate opening of the heart, self-worthiness, and willingness to remember one’s Divinity
  • Energy coherence and entrainment processes that increase the vibration of the human energy field, such as energetic and sound healing, self-exploration and personal development
  • Practices to tap into stillness/zero point as a receptor for the new finer frequencies and sacred geometry fractals of Divine Love that desire to be brought to form within this plane
  • Health and longevity (e.g. Immune Matrix programs)
  • Integrating the benefits of body movement: ecstatic/temple/international dance, walking meditation, yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi, mudras, etc.

Break-through and Green Technologies

  • Acquisition and preservation of non-hybrid, non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and heirloom seeds 
  • Ecological restoration

ïEnergy and power generation utilizing renewable and break-through energy resources, such as magnetics, wind and solar

ïTransportation – all mediums

ïConstruction, housing and sustainable communities

ïMining assets and advanced mining technologies

•Transportation and alternative fuels

  • Zero-point energy solutions including Water access, purification, health, distribution, recovery, management and remediation
  • Agriculture and high yield organic food – super organics
  • Water access, purification, health, distribution, recovery, management and remediation, and treatment


Without human technologies to bring all other technologies and resources together from the very beginning of any endeavor to create a sustainable world, we risk having a collection of new “things” and no new ways of living in the world. We risk losing the benefits of synergies and economies of scale among the various players, which translates to financial waste. Benefits include:

  • Our collective calling is to usher in a new era that honors the indwelling light within us.
  • Human technologies bring all other technologies and resources together.  
  • This initiative introduces new, commercially viable, living technologies combined with demonstrated ways for growing populations to live together harmoniously, prosperously, and healthily in the world. 
  • Our focus is to bring the benefits of synergies and economies of scale among the various stakeholders, which ultimately translates into the realization of a new economy. The Centers introduce these advanced technologies into new markets. The direct outgrowth of whole new industries from Center activities model whole new enterprises, which offer training, spawning a whole new global market for these technologies and community renewal that is both holistic and earth friendly.
  • The answer is to design, construct, and operate communities that maximize renewable and sustainable resources and minimize reliance on non-renewable and at-risk mineral and other natural resources.

Our Role
The 32GLC Team, comprising of Founders, Council, and the Management Team will serve as the umbrella coordinator, core operations center, and management function necessary to leverage all the technical knowledge and asset management needed to build the Centers. We are forming strong relationships with known strategic alliances engaged in humanitarian and ecological projects, inventors, sustainable projects, advanced technologies, and scientific breakthroughs.

Investment and Timeframe

Years One through Five: 

The investment requested to fund the core operations, management, and leveraged deployment of strategic global alliances and human and healing technologists, land acquisition and infrastructure build out for phase one through year five for six properties is as follows:

Year One:  

  • Startup Headquarters: Includes the expansion of infrastructure buildout and operations 
  • Start up for the Crestone, Colorado Center

Year two through five: 

Includes the first four Centers land purchase, operations, infrastructure, buildout and localized events rollout:  

  1. Eagle Nest New Mexico land purchase, repurposing and improvements to existing structures, programs launch; 
  2. Crestone Colorado, following the land acquisition and built out phase, this Center has an 18 month rollout schedule for retreat and conference activities; 
  3. Boone North Carolina’s focus is land acquisition and structural build out with program rollout by year three; 
  4. training Center in Fredericksburg Virginia includes the purchase of real estate with expansion of small modular cabins surrounding a main meeting facility; 
  5. Ferndale Montana includes land acquisition of a retreat facility to include meditators and grid amplifiers; and 
  6. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Center is to partner with existing alliances in Santiago, and to anchor indigenous spiritual journeys into form with cross cultural sharing.


Initial Strategic Vision
Final Business Plan:
Initial Master Global Plan
Final Master Global Plan
Local Residential Retreat teams (4) in place Local Residential Plans (4)
Local Eco-Village teams (4) in place Local Eco-Village Partners identified Local GLC Site Teams (4) in place Local GLC Plans 

Projected Dates once Funding is in place 

GLC construction begins with funding, within first 2 years becomes fully functional GLCs (4) 

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