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Immaculate Conception on the Mountain - by Morgaine

Sun, November 04, 2018 8:42 PM | Mark Torgeson (Administrator)

My life in Crestone is a book writing itself, and the chapters of my journey with the Dragon realm began in the fall of 2014. My Personal Introduction to the Dragon Realm blog is simply one small chapter. And of course, it all reads like fiction.

October of 2014 is forever etched in my mind. It was a Tuesday. Synergy is always on Tuesday. This particular day, I was very upset about something and did not go to Synergy. Of course it was about some stupid crush, and I drove up to my favorite boulder—my Whale Rock—to ground myself and get my emotions under control.

I sat on my rock friend, Orion, and meditated in the sun for about an hour. It was October, and before long, Orion and I were in the shade and I became cold. You might be thinking, “How did she find this cool whale rock in the woods?” Well, Orion is next to a house that was for sale and empty for quite some time. It was my dream house, and I loved the land there. So magical, quiet and peaceful, with a stunning, unobstructed view of Challenger—the sacred mountain.

So I gathered my things, walked up to the empty house and laid my blanket on the south-facing porch, soaking up the sun. I actually got hot in the noontime Colorado sun, and I was inspired to take off all my clothes. Yes, at the empty house for sale!

Then, for reasons I can never explain, I positioned my body so my feet faced South to the sun. I found myself breathing in the Sun energy in an elliptical pattern, breathing up the Ren/Conception meridian at the front of the body, and breathing out down the Du/Governing meridian that runs through the spine. Breath in. Breath out. I think I did this for an hour with no thought of time. At some point, a Wave Being floated down from the sun and entered my body through my yoni. Bill Buehler later said it was a Shamir. Why it entered my body, I do not know.

Then, like a crazy, sun-drunken priestess, I thought, “I’ll breathe the Dragon!” So I turned with my feet facing the mountain and breathed the Dragon for an hour. Who does that, right? My breathing was naturally and effortlessly the opposite elliptical pattern—up the Du and down the Ren. As I breathed in and out slowly, my dragon guardian, the Chief of the Dragon Tribe, appeared in my inner vision. He looked at me kindly, as if to comfort me.

When I tell this next part of the story, I refer to it as Dragon Sex, just to see someone’s reaction. What happened next was not sexual at all. I experienced my dragon friend’s tail moving up & down the front side of my spine…rhythmically matching my breath…up and down….breathe in, breathe out.  I felt out of body and utterly relaxed.

As my experience came to a natural conclusion, I sat up and realized my aura was about as big as the house next to me. In other words, I was “blown out” energetically. I sat for a while, still buck naked. On a porch. At a house with a For Sale sign. After some time, I put my clothes back on and stood up. I realized I could barely walk. Whoa. I staggered to my car and sat in it for a while, silently talking to myself. “I can’t drive home. Giggle. Oh, but I’m in Crestone. It doesn’t matter if I can’t drive! And if I mess up, no one will care! Wheeeee.”

I think it was the next day, I called Bill Buehler and sat down with him to try to make sense of my experience. I don’t remember much, except that the Commander wasn’t fazed at all by my telling him that some wave being entered my yoni. But not long after this, Bill and Edie had visiting seers for the weekly Synergy. As I got out of my car that day in front of Bill and Edie’s house, I said hello to one seer who said, “you have a connection with the cetaceans of the world.” “Ok,” I said. The other seer I introduced myself to said, “You have an etheric pregnancy.” To which I responded, “What the hell is that?”

And the next six months is the NEXT chapter of my dragon story.

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