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32 Centers of Light 


Boone, NC Light Center Blog #3 - by Suzette Faith Foster

Sat, September 28, 2019 9:01 PM | Mark Torgeson (Administrator)

Hello everyone from the beautiful Blueridge Mountains of North Carolina! Here’s an update on Boone GLC.

My husband, Bill Mosher, and I moved to Boone in September 2017. We rented a place on top of a mountain near the blue Ridge Parkway with expansive mountain views. We loved the feel of this area and appreciated our neighbors. As Spirit would have it, a home became available right here that is perfect for us; we purchased it and moved in January 2019. Having our own home is a critical step in me being grounded to do the work/play for Boone GLC. In divine timing, meetings will start here in our lower level which is a dedicated sacred spiritual space. It is my guidance to continue deepening my energy of Oneness and Love and just to Be, and to Trust that the physical creation of Boone GLC is in Divine alignment. I love how easily things flow when we trust that all happens in Divine timing, “not my will, but Thy will.”

In April 2019, a friend from the 32 Global Light Centers, Patricia Skinner, came to Boone to say hello and added the ashes of our beloved Bill Buehler (from Crestone, CO) to our property and other sacred spots nearby.  What an honor it is to have his Light continue to support our expansion and the 32 GLCs mission. In the physical, Bill’s heart radiated love and wisdom for humanity and Mother Earth’s highest good. As shared by another 32 GLC member, Patricia “Morgaine” Faust: “Bill Buehler's life was filled with quiet service to Spirit. By the time he transitioned in 2018 at age 84, Bill was known worldwide for his deep insight into crop circle formations and the ley lines on Gaia. Bill was a biblical scholar who could provide the true meaning of a single word, based on the Hebrew root. His knowledge and interpretations of things seen and heard in the inner planes was unparalleled. According to those who he has been in contact with, Bill is enjoying his new assignment on the other side of the veil.” I could feel Bill’s presence and joyous energy as we spread his ashes.

Besides the activations and anchoring that Carol, Mark, and others from 32 GLCs have done here in Boone, NC this felt like another anchoring of divine energy here at our home—the present energetic, spiritual, and physical space holder for Boone GLC. Even though I’ve held the space for Boone GLC since arriving in September 2017, having Patricia Skinner here and us doing ceremony opened my heart even more and increased the excitement and mission we all are providing here in Boone.

Here is the channeled message the Arcturians (the star tribe supporting the Boone GLC) gave me at the time. “Offer Divine Love to Self, self, and all those aligned to your energy for Boone GLC; they will find their way. You are to Be the conduit of Love. All else to follow in divine timing and order. No thing to ‘do;’ just Be this Divine Love and allow and trust all to come forth. There are exciting times ahead for this unfolding. Yes, many will experience chaotic times too. Though no judgment for the good or ‘bad’ times; all offer expansion if the soul so chooses to accept this. Those who look at their setbacks as opportunities to release fear, judgment, and blame will move through those times with greater ease than those who remain in limitations. Your GLC Light in Boone is to offer a respite and education opportunity for folks to move through their darkness and challenges with ease and grace and receive the many downloads of pure expansive Divine Light and Love; many will choose to live nearby to give back to the community and immerse themselves in the Light of Love. The energy of Divine Love is flooding itself in your space and all spaces of Boone GLC. This Love is transformative. As a conduit of Light, no words need to be spoken, and at times words will be spoken. Though, creating the field of energy of Divine Love is the work/play for you, child of Light, child of Oneness. Be this conduit of Love and Peace and it, along with the intentions of the greater GLC group, will magnetizer others to the GLCs.

Hold to this truth and be at peace with whatever you experience or see in the outer world—3D. Remember that the 3D, an illusion, offers the lessons for growth. The 3D points one toward Oneness.  Even what appears to be chaotic in one’s field is really a rebalancing going on. Do not judge anything. Accept it all as part of the divine plan of Oneness. If you could see as we see, you would be celebrating it All. There is no separation of one to the other brother. So, see beyond the apparent separation and know the Truth. Feel the Oneness. It is not a concept; it is Truth.

The more difficult the challenge, the more expansive the chance for growth. Embrace it all. Surrender your concerns to us, then trust we have your back. Trust. Trust. Trust. The lessons, the challenges, the interpretations of what one sees in the world are all opportunities to choose which view you will see from. The divine perspective brings peace amongst the chaos. The human/egoic perspective brings fear, blame, anger and pain. Yes, the Boone GLC is a learning and unlearning center for remembering the All that you are—Pure Spirit, Love, Peace, and Wholeness.

How things will unfold and who shows up to be part of this center is happening in divine timing and order; no need to wonder or question or doubt. Trust us. All is well and is happening as it should. Continue your journey of deepening your Trust and abiding in Love. The rest will take care of itself. It is of great joy that we are all One in this endeavor to help bring folks to more loving and kind thoughts of themselves and their brothers—mankind.

The light from the friend of consciousness, Bill Buehler, is enjoying his freedom to have more impact on the world as you know it. He is expanding his love and knowledge to many and will continue to support the Boone GLC as he is for other GLCs. It brings him great joy to be part of the love all of you are undertaking for the greater good of humanity and the upward movement of consciousness and love and appreciation for Mother Earth.

Be the Peace that you Are.”
Suzette Foster channeled the Arcturians 4.24.19

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