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  • Wed, July 18, 2018 6:26 PM | Mark Torgeson (Administrator)

    In Blog #2, I want to share what Boone’s Light Center is all about and how it will support our spiritual expansion. Mark asked me also to include some of my background and how I’ve been (unknowingly) preparing to have a special role here.

    The 32 Light Center’s group is aware that Boone will be a training, educational and a downloading center supported by the star tribe, Arcturians. Elders from different star tribes will guide each center giving them their special attributes. Carol intuits that, “All Light Centers will be connected and work together from Oneness and holding that energy as a collective; being a ‘We’ energy, not an ‘I’ energy. We will work as One; synergizing into the collective awareness. Our unity will create a global alliance where we amplify these Light frequencies that are coming in. These are times of great connections between those who have complimentary gifts and wisdom.”

    The Arcturians Share
     In June 2018, I asked the Arcturians to channel through me, “Please share more about the purpose of the Boone Light Center?” Here is their answer:

    The Light center will be a portal for inter-galactic energies to stream for the participants highest good. Holy-ness is here. There will be streaming of higher wisdom, new wisdom, and for helping one’s body more easily hold the new Light. Overall, sacred chambers for awakening more to the Light. This is a special place to quicken one’s deep knowing of their Oneness with the All and being more able to live from that state of consciousness daily. Much learning and unlearning to be done here. A center to help you accept this high vibrational energy and dissolve limitations and old programming.

    It is a center of Love expressing Love and for people to receive infinite Divine Love. A space holder for others to let go of what is in their way of expressing their True nature of Love—the essence of who they are. Also, healing the heart for those who will open to that.

    We are awaiting the opportunity to be filling this space with our knowledge and spreading it far and wide through those who will participate part-time and full-time. 

    For now, Flow. Flow. Flow will happen as you each let go of the constraints of what it needs to be. Allow it to Flow and Be all that it can be. Expansive and Joy-filled.

    I am excited to be part of such a devoted group of souls here to “work/play” for personal and planetary expansion!  I commit daily to do my processes, knowing that as I do, I support not only my own inner transformation, yet that of the collective. Until the center evolves physically, I love knowing that I am still being of great service doing my daily inner work.

    My Background—Preparing the Way
    My business Choose2Thrive is an avenue for me to passionately assist folks to “remember” who they truly are—pure Spirit, whole and One with Source.  I help folks move through health and life challenges via the mind, body, and Spirit perspective. I am an energetic and sound healing facilitator and transformational coach whose book, Calling Back Your Power, Your Catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Transformation, and two healing CDs/mp3’s help further support people’s journeys. Spirit has imbued these products with activations to quicken the reader’s or listener’s spiritual journeys. 

    Calling Back Your Power is full of the teachings, beliefs, and tools that allowed me to create two medical miracles when I literally had the same injury as Christopher Reeve. My doctor at Duke said I should have died when I stopped breathing from the total severing of my C2 neck vertebra from a mountain biking injury in 2005. After surgery, he expected me to remain a quadriplegic. At the scene of the injury, I could not talk. I could not move. I could not breathe. I had no outside help. Though, I had everything I needed within me; I had my mind and my Oneness with Source/God. I acted from Oneness and miracles happened. With no Western Medical explanation or understanding, I regained my breath and became fully functioning within a few months. I am a testament that we are more than what meets the “human” eye. Enjoy the book for many other inspiring personal and client stories supporting the teachings and our body’s ability to heal naturally.

    Different times over the years, I offered classes in my home that included teachings, Q&A, meditation and sound healing. That will continue here in Boone as we create space for our community to build its foundation. Time will reveal how I and others hold space for the Boone community, though Carol’s channeled messages share that a “new way of being” will stream through me for assisting others expansion and in navigating this earthly journey.

    Here I am, Spirit; use me for the highest good of all!
    If you feel resonance with Boone’s purpose, please connect with me! We are a We!

    Suzette Faith Foster      www.Choose2Thrive.com     828-268-4265

  • Wed, July 18, 2018 6:05 PM | Mark Torgeson (Administrator)

    Here’s what’s happening in Boone—one of the 32 Light Centers. I’ll first share how we got guidance to move from Raleigh, NC to the beautiful and pristine mountainous area of Boone, NC; then, I’ll share how guidance connected me to Carol, Mark, and the 32 Light Centers. In Blog #2, I’ll explain more specifically about the Light Center’s function.

    Following Spirit Guidance
    I  love how Spirit has us where we need to be to accomplish what is ours to do. In 2013 I had an inner nudge to move from my Cary, NC home of twenty years and was also guided to get an Astro-cartography reading. These readings show the best place to live that energetically supports your soul journey. My area was Asheville, NC. which didn’t surprise me considering that Asheville’s vortex energies magnetize spiritual people there. And, my passion and life calling is to deepen my spiritual awareness and help others do the same. So, Asheville seemed like a great fit.

    During the time I prepared my home for sale, I re-met Bill Mosher. Even though we hadn’t seen each other for nearly ten years, we immediately connected. My house sold right away, yet my plans to move to Asheville that summer got put on the back burner to expand our relationship, which continued to deepen. I have a dear friend in Boone who is a minister. So, in 2014, while still living in Raleigh, Bill and I got married in Boone, NC.

    While planning our wedding, we had an Astro-cartography reading done for us as a couple, and the best place for us to live in North Carolina was Boone—still in the mountains; it was a ten-out-of-ten for our spiritual journeys and missions. How cool is that? The one-word “energy” around this location was “community.”  Though we weren’t ready to move,  we trusted our inner guidance would confirm this in due time.

    In hindsight, we were definitely being set up! More clarity came In 2016; I had strong guidance to go to Sat Yoga, a self-sustained eco-village and spiritual ashram in Costa Rica. During my three week stay, I was personally guided to create a Spiritual Center. My first thought was a strong, “No, that’s too much, that’s not for me.” Then, I had a reading with the founder of Sat Yoga and got more details that I would be creating a Spiritual/Retreat center that will be a “point of Light on the grid system of Light, connected with many other points of Lights (other Light centers.) My inner being, really wanted me on board, because during the reading, all sense of concern dropped away, and I felt excited, trusting that more info and direction would reveal itself.

    Being Guided to Carol and 32 Light Centers
    As guidance would have it, a friend connected some dots, and I found myself perusing Carol Fitzpatrick’s website. It was so uncanny, that when reading the components for the centers in the 32 Light Centers group, it was nearly identical to my guidance for what I was to create. That year, I signed up for Carol and Mark’s November weekend retreat to do more activations in Boone, NC. A week before the program, my husband decided to join us. That was a divine blessing, too. After the weekend, Bill felt a kinship with Carol and Mark and felt more open to the guidance I had received. Plus, follow-up readings with Carol helped him realize he can do his thing in retirement while I focus on the Light Center.

    The Boone retreat experience was so unique and expansive; we met so many lovely folks from the 32 Light Center group and participated in Carol’s channeled guidance, activations, and healings while being bathed in Mark’s transformational sound healings.  We went home appreciating all that we encountered with an inner knowing Spirit was leading us to Boone as part of the 32 Light Center community. It felt so good to me that this new community was working collectively to support humanity’s expansion through many different interconnected Light Centers. Phew, I ‘m not doing this alone.  Rather, I’m accepting the blessings as the Arcturians orchestrate the details and guidance for us to do our part in Boone, NC. All is well!

    Living in Boone!
    We waited for Bill to sell his engineering firm before moving to Boone. We relocated in September 2017, ten-months ago as of this writing. My guidance is to continue raising my vibration by slowing down, going within, doing the daily spiritual and forgiveness processes and channeling the Arcturians (my star tribe and the tribe representing Boone’s Light Center.) I feel peaceful trusting all will continue to unfold in Divine timing for the highest good of all.

    We both absolutely LOVE Boone—we have since day one!! We were ready to get out of the city traffic of Raleigh, yet this has proved to be such a fun and peaceful place to live. We enjoy the fresh mountain air, the beautiful expansive mountain views, rolling hills and hiking the many nature trails along streams and waterfalls. The delightful people we meet within or outside of the spiritual community are a bonus!

    The Blue Ridge Mountains are among the oldest in the world. The pristine energy of the Heavenly Mountain area on the outskirts of Boone has attracted not only our 32 Light Center group but also Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Group, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s worldwide The Art of Living Retreat Center, and Mother Meera, an international avatar.

    Until our next home reveals itself, Bill and I are renting a cabin home with an expansive mountain view facing east. We so appreciate the rising sun greeting us and sharing its divine Light. I even started sun-gazing, too. We feel so blessed and await, as Carol often says, “to what’s ours to do next.”

    Suzette Faith Foster         www.Choose2Thrive.com        828-268-4265

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